I looked in the mirror the other day and saw someone who didn’t look happy staring back at me.  I looked tired. The dark circles under my eyes made me look like a panda. I looked as though I haven’t slept a full night in my whole life. My face was puffy and I looked drawn. My skin looked dull and spotty. I wasn’t happy with what I saw at all.

On top of that, I feel tired all the time. I have terrible, restless sleep. I have no energy. I feel down a lot of the time and have no motivation. I’m pretty sure there is adrenal fatigue in there too. It seems so unfair that I eat more healthily than ‘normal’ people and I probably feel worse than they do. I know PCOS has a lot to do with it, but it feels unfair that I try so hard and still feel rubbish.

Obviously, with PCOS, it’s about balancing and managing our blood sugars and hormones. The sweet stuff is terrible for both those things. It is so bad for our bodies, but it’s so damn addictive and tastes sooooo good!  I’ve done so much ‘right’ for my PCOS but it’s time to take action and cut out the last major thing that I do ‘wrong’. SUGAR.

I don’t want to be a slave to sugar any more. I don’t want to be an addict. I want control over my life and how I feel. Why would I want to keep putting something in my body that makes me feel so crap and undoes all the other hard work that I’m putting in to manage my PCOS??

It’s time to take action.

I’ve decided to give up sugar. I’m challenging myself to 7 days without the sweet stuff.

7 whole days with no sugar.

168 hours.

I can do this!

I’ve chosen to do 7 days because I think that’s achievable. Long enough to hopefully make a difference, but not too long that I overwhelm myself. Hopefully, after the 7 days, I won’t want to go back to the sweet stuff, but I’m taking it as it comes. Putting pressure on yourself is a sure-fire way to mess it up!

I’m curious to see what difference it makes to me. I want to know if it’s going to give me more energy. Whether I’ll sleep better. Whether I’ll feel happier and more motivated. Whether my skin will look better. Whether the dark panda circles under my eyes will go??

So, that’s my starting point. I think when you set yourself a goal or a challenge, it’s important to define ‘why’ you want to do something. It helps to keep you on track. It gives you a purpose and a point to what you’re trying to do – especially when it gets tough. Plus, you need to know where you started so you know how far you’ve come!

I’m excited to see what happens! If I’m honest, I am really apprehensive about it though. I have such a sweet tooth, I love the stuff!

I’m going to do a blog post every day of my 7 Day Sugar Free Challenge so you can see my progress – and to keep me accountable!

Wish me luck!


The Scrambled Egg

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