Summary Word of the Day: BONUS

Day 2 brought me a horrible, dull headache, so my Giving Up Sugar Challenge was harder.  I did manage to maintain the changes I made on Day 1, but because of the headache, I figured I had 2 choices:

  1. Cope with the headache and hope that it would eventually ease
  2. Have a coffee to reduce the caffeine and sugar withdrawal and ease the headache

I opted for the coffee. (Please don’t think of this as a failure, I’m trying so hard. I just want the changes I’m making to stick and I want to make the process as painless as possible so that I don’t entirely resent it!)

Oh… I need to tell you something!  There has been a bonus result of my 7 Day Challenge Giving Up Sugar already! By changing my diet to reduce sugar and changing the foods I’m eating, I appear to have inadvertently cut out something else I have apparently got a food intolerance or allergy to. I have lots of food allergies and intolerances, so the list is pretty long already, but I’m pleased to have identified another one! The dark, puffy circles under my eyes are not as bad today (still there but not as bad). I don’t feel quite as groggy and my skin isn’t as bad. This might be due to less sugar, or the food allergy, but either way, it was a great bonus!

I also don’t know whether my PCOS is playing up, whether I’m really stressed or it’s the giving up sugar, but I was really anxious again when I went to bed again. I’m struggling to sleep. Hopefully it will settle down in a few days once I make more progress with Giving Up Sugar. I am going to do a bit of thinking to see if there are any issues playing on my mind stressing me out though and deal with it if there is anything.

So, my bullet point summary of Day 2:

What Did I Learn

  • That there are 2 ways of Giving Up Sugar – cold turkey or gradually. Cold turkey brings headaches and withdrawal symptoms and isn’t for me!
  • I’ve realised how much sugar is in food that I eat and am starting to make changes to my food choices because I WANT to, not because I HAVE to.
  • I’m more aware of ingredients in non-whole foods – if you can’t say them or don’t know what they are, don’t eat them!
  • I don’t like coffee without sugar! It’s so bitter! It actually doesn’t taste nice and once I’ve stopped the sugar, I won’t be having coffee.
  • I need to get more prepared and go to the supermarket tomorrow.
  • I can’t eat corn!

Positives and Negatives of Day 2


  • I managed to not have any other sugar apart from my coffee which I’m really pleased about.
  • I made better food choices – and it wasn’t because I had to, I wanted to.
  • I successfully fought my 3pm snack cravings.
  • I have identified another food allergy / intolerance (to add to my ever-growing list!).
  • The dark puffy circles under my eyes aren’t as bad.
  • I tried coffee without sugar – didn’t like it, but at least I tried!
  • I had a raspberry leaf tea.


  • I didn’t make as much progress as I hoped.
  • I had a horrid headache


I’m loving being more aware of what I’m putting in my body and the fact that I have identified another ingredient that has been causing me food allergy issues is an amazing bonus. I’m only 2 days in to my 7 Day Challenge Giving Up Sugar, but I feel it is a positive experience so far and one I’m definitely keen to continue making progress with.

Roll on Day 3!

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