Summary Word of the Day: SMUG

Day 3 has been a bit more positive than the previous 2 days of this 7 Day Challenge Giving Up Sugar.

I still haven’t managed to ditch the sweet stuff completely (see my reasons in my Day 2 post!), but I’m making progress.

The headache calmed down after having coffee which took the edge off it, so that will be something I reduce gradually. I literally can’t cope with headaches! My goal is to be off both sugar and coffee by the end of the 7 Day Challenge. Better hurry up as I’m almost half way through it already! I can’t believe it’s Day 3 already!

As the previous 2 days of this challenge have proved to me that you need to be organised and prepared for dietary changes, I went off to the supermarket. It felt like I literally bought all the healthy food in the store. I was proud to be standing by the conveyor belt with my healthy haul as there wasn’t an ounce of junk or sugar on it. All very healthy food. I felt a little smug to be honest, well… a lot smug actually. I always have a look at what people are buying when I’m waiting for my turn at the till. It makes me curious about their lives and keeps me entertained while I’m waiting.

Anyway, I came home and prepared myself a very green lunch of salad and chicken with a spinach pesto I made. Yep, check me out being all organised and healthy! Smug much?!

Although I really enjoyed having such a healthy lunch, because there were fewer calories in it, my 3pm cravings / munchies battle was a little harder. I kept pacing the kitchen, looking in all the cupboards, seeing sweet stuff, shutting the cupboard… repeat. Give up. I really need to get some snacks sorted.

I also had a bonus booster for my efforts. I saw my neighbour and ended up having a bit of a chat with her. She said I looked really well and so much better than the other day! Maybe things are starting to work!? I took the boost and compliment and added it to my smugness for the day.

On the down side, my anxiety was still pretty high and sleep was still a struggle. Maybe I really do need to bin off ALL sugar to feel the true benefits. It’s not an easy thing to do though, but I won’t be beaten and am determined to get this done in the week of my 7 Day Challenge Giving Up Sugar.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that my mood has gone soooo low. I’m really struggling. I don’t know whether it’s the changes in my body from a new diet, my PCOS playing up or something I’m doing / not doing, but I’m not feeling great.

Bullet point summary of Day 3:

What Did I Learn

  • I like feeling smug!
  • Being organised and prepared makes things so much easier.
  • I need to find some healthy snacks for my 3pm munchies.
  • I need to get my mood up somehow.
  • Maybe I need to return to trying to meditate to calm my mind and anxiety to help me sleep better.

Positives and Negatives of Day 3


  • I went and bought a load of healthy food.
  • I had lots of smug moments.
  • I got a compliment about looking better.
  • Calories are easier to manage when you eat less sugar.
  • No headache (only because coffee took it away).


  • Being an emotional eater with a low mood makes giving up sugar harder!
  • I don’t have many ‘go-to’ recipes for this new healthy food malarkey.
  • My anxiety and sleep are still crap – I do think this is down to stress though rather than giving up sugar.


Overall, a positive day and one that definitely reinforced that I’m doing the right thing for my body. Compliments and smugness are great morale boosters and I intend to create plenty more reasons for both by continuing my 7 Day Challenge Giving Up Sugar!

Day 4 here I come!

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