Summary Word of the Day: Happier

After the EPIC fail of Day 4, Day 5 saw me getting myself back on track with both my 7 Day Challenge Giving Up Sugar, and my mood.

I woke up slightly down, but not beaten. I actually had some leverage on myself which I hadn’t had the day before. Then I had a long phone chat with my Mum (for about 4 hours!) and she managed to pull me out of it a bit further. She is truly my rock and I couldn’t do any of it without her! We talked through some of the things that were stressing me out and I felt more motivated to actually deal with them rather than let them consume and destroy me. I’ve been a victim to the issues in my life for too long. Time to take back control! She also offered a couple of options we could do together to get me out of the house and out of my head, but I hadn’t fancied those. I decided I’d quite like to go shopping. Retail therapy is great. I’ve lost all of my weight now (about 75 lbs which was a third of my body weight), and haven’t really got any nice clothes that fit my new slimmer body. I wanted to cheer myself up and reward myself for getting to my goal weight. (Read Just Lose Weight to find out about my weight loss.)

It worked.

I had a great time and got loads of new clothes that made me feel really good. I loved seeing the new slimmer me in the changing room mirror, rather than despising the whale like blob that used to look back at me. I was picking up small sizes and they fitted – some of the things were even too big! I felt great and really proud of myself. It was so nice to do something that wasn’t PCOS related and got me out of my head.

I also had a much lower sugar intake and didn’t really crave it. Distraction and a change in routine are great tools for making changes!


Bullet point summary of Day 5:

What Did I Learn

  • Emotional state plays a massive part in our dietary choices and whether we succeed at making them.
  • Routine plays a bit part in our dietary choices.
  • My Mum is awesome.
  • It’s ok to have a ‘fail’ day, as long as you pick yourself up, get back on track and don’t throw away all your good work and progress for the sake of one bad day.
  • It’s important to celebrate victories, no matter how big or small. Fill your mind with positivity, to defeat the negativity that can consume you.
  • Distraction is a great tool for making changes in your life.
  • It’s so important to get out of your head and do things that make you happy!
  • Retail therapy is brilliant and it should be prescribed on the NHS!
  • I need to deal with things that stress me out rather than avoid them and let them consume and destroy me.
  • Getting out of your head helps break the negativity. It won’t go away unless you do something about it.
  • I’ve been a victim for too long and need to take back control!

Positives and Negatives of Day 5


  • My anxiety was much lower and my mood was so much better.
  • I have loads of new clothes (in small sizes) that I feel good in!
  • For once, I liked what I saw in the changing room mirrors.
  • I got out of my head and felt happier.
  • I have the best Mum.
  • I had a lot less sugar.
  • I finally got to celebrate my weight loss and reaching goal weight.
  • I’m grateful for free minutes for making calls on my mobile!


  • I still had a bit of sugar, but not much at all.
  • I spent a load of money!


The positives are definitely starting to outweigh the negatives so I’m making progress. It is so important to get out of your head and do something that makes you happy. Life is so short and distraction is a great way to break the negative thought process you can easily get stuck in. Lean on your family or friends for support. You can’t always pull yourself out of the rut and it’s ok to ask for help. As your brain can get stuck in the negativity of PCOS, it’s important to ‘big-up’ the positives and celebrate any victory you achieve.

Feeling more positive now and Day 6 is going to be my best day yet!

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