Summary Word of the Day: Knowledge

The bonus of the day is that I now know that the chicken I’ve been eating is a problem.

I think I realised it a while ago, but having to make more healthy food choices during this 7 Day Challenge Giving Up Sugar, I had integrated chicken again. When I was trying to lose all my weight, I cut chicken out for a bit as I had really come to a plateau with my weight loss. Every time I try to eat really healthily, I feel rubbish and put on weight (or can’t lose it) and I couldn’t work out why. I realised that each time, I eat loads of chicken.

The problem with chicken (and other meat), unless you buy the really expensive organic stuff where the animal is raised in a 5* hotel with room service and a butler, is that there are a load of hormones in it, as well as the crap they are fed on (wheat, corn etc). Anyway, having felt awful for days (I was living off chicken), I decided to try to cut it out again and see what happened. I’ve felt so much better! My mood has lifted and I can think again. I don’t feel so tired and my weight has stabilised again. I am at my goal weight, but I do monitor it regularly to make sure my PCOS isn’t secretly sabotaging my good work behind my back! Knowledge is power!

How come I can give up chicken so easily, but I can’t give up sugar?!

I wouldn’t say an amazing amount changed on Day 6 but I’m still taking small steps forward and making progress each day. Now I’m doing this 7 Day Challenge, I’ve realised that I really want the changes to be maintainable, not just a quick fix 7 Day thing and then I hit the sugar again when it’s over. That’s what normally happens when I used to diet. 100% while I’m doing it, then eat everything in sight as a reward and back to the start again. When I lost weight this time, I did it slowly and integrated the changes so they stuck – and I’m keeping the weight off now without much effort.

I managed to maintain the changes that I’ve made and having identified yet another issue with my diet, I’m feeling a bit better. I might still be having sugar, but I’ve made some really positive changes and progress over the last week. I’m also noticing that when I do have sugar, it tastes so much sweeter than it did a week ago, so that means I’m able to have less each time.

My problem is my hot drinks. I’ve managed to cut out all obvious sugar apart from those so that is where I need to target my focus. It’s actually not been too hard to cut the other sugar out of my diet but we will all have one thing that is our weakness. I also think I’m having the hot drinks with sugar because I’m struggling to find enough food to eat to meet my calorie intake each day. I have managed to have coffee (a different brand was less bitter), green tea and raspberry leaf tea without sugar, so I now have options, I just need to find more healthy food to eat!

Bullet point summary of Day 6:

What Did I Learn

  • Chicken is a problem!
  • It’s easier to give up chicken than sugar.
  • Integrating changes is more likely to make them stick than quick fix changes.
  • I found a brand of coffee that I can drink with no sugar.
  • Hot drinks are my problem area.

Positives and Negatives of Day 6


  • Very little anxiety.
  • Diet is now mainly sugar-free apart from the hot drinks.
  • My weight has stabilised.
  • I feel so much better for cutting out chicken.
  • I’m still making progress.
  • I have 3 hot drinks I can cope with that have no sugar in.


  • I’m still having hot drinks with sugar.
  • I need to find something different to eat now I’m not having chicken!
  • It’s harder to get your calories up when you’re not having as much sweet stuff.


I’m still making progress and I’m really happy that the changes I’m making are sticking. I can actually enjoy a hot drink without sugar which I couldn’t really do a week ago, it’s just my brain stopping me giving up that last bit. Having cut out most of the sugar from my diet, I’m noticing that when I do have sugar, it tastes so much sweeter so that means I’m able to reduce how much I put in my hot drinks. I’m getting there!

What will happen on Day 7 of my 7 Day Challenge Giving Up Sugar!?

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