There are lots of elements to PCOS management. It’s really isn’t just about the food we eat – even though that’s a big part of it. Sleep, stress and activity also affect our symptoms.

I’ve realised lately that I have a lot of background stress. There are the immediately obvious stressful things we are aware of that, but there’s also background stress. Things that we are subconsciously worrying about. Unresolved issues and situations. Decisions we haven’t made yet, that need making. Jobs we’ve been putting off doing. Bills we need to pay. Something we need to say to someone but are scared. They all bubble away in the background and affect our PCOS and sleep by causing us stress.

It’s easy to deal with the obvious things. We know what they are. They’re there most days and we are aware of them and can manage them – but we need to deal with the background stress as well. Background stress is just extra weight that we’re carrying around in our minds and our hearts – which in turn affects our physical weight and our PCOS.

As I know how important it is to reduce stress for PCOS management (and generally!) I’ve been dealing with a lot of the obvious stress in my life.  If you need some help managing stress have a read of my previous post for some tips. In order to free myself more though, I realised I need to acknowledge and deal with the background stress. Things I don’t want to face. Things I’ve been putting off. Things I’m scared to deal with. Things I don’t know which way to go with. Decisions I don’t want to make or am not ready to make.

I decided to take back control. I’ve spent the day writing down all the things that are bothering me. Everything I can think of. I’m taking action. I’m taking back control! Stress and fear go away when you look them in the eyes and face them. They disappear when you acknowledge them and deal with them!

Below is my favourite saying of all time. It’s so true and helps me focus and deal with things.


I’ve managed to clear some of the things off my list and I actually feel a lot better! There’s more work to be done, but I know by avoiding the background stress, it will just drag me down. I’m not having that!

Take some time today to have a think about your background stress. What have you been putting off? Make a list and start dealing with things so you can move forward and get rid of some of that background stress that’s weighing you down!

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