If you Google all the things you should and shouldn’t do to fix / heal / manage your PCOS, you will probably go crazy. At the very least, you’ll add a load of stress to your life, and stress is really bad for PCOS!  Seriously, there is so much mixed and confused information on PCOS out there! Eat this, do this, don’t do that…Arrrgggghhh!  You’ll end up with a cucumber stick, a lettuce leaf and a glass of water if you believe everything you read! Although technically there are carbs in lettuce…! See how ridiculous it gets!

Having spent so long when I first got diagnosed trying desperately to figure out what to do, I thought I would share some basic rules to follow for your PCOS to help you out! Eating healthily is great, but not all of those foods will be any good for your PCOS.  They may actually cause you to put on weight, so it’s important to know what to eat for PCOS.

Doing these things will help to reduce inflammation in your body, balance your hormones and regulate your blood sugars.  All these elements are important, but obviously there are a lot of big life changes in the list.  Use it as an overall goal to achieve, but take one thing at a time.  PCOS is for life, so the changes you make need to be integrated well to make sure they stay.  These aren’t ‘diet’ tips.  They are healthy changes that will help your PCOS.  You may lose weight from doing them, but your goal really has to be your overall health.  PCOS is for life.  Whilst I do agree that losing weight will help your endocrine disorder (PCOS is an endocrine disorder), I do think that Doctors place too much importance on losing weight.  I believe they should be looking at a whole approach to healing PCOS and your hormones.  I also think the condition should be renamed from PCOS to something else but that’s another story…

Anyway, here are my suggestions for healing your body and managing your PCOS.  It’s all worked for me.  I’ve changed my BMI from 33 to 21, balanced my hormones, regulated my periods and improved my health.

10 Basic Rules For PCOS

  1.  Eat whole foods – basically things with one ingredient!
  2.  Eat a lower carb diet – I don’t agree with no-carb diets!
  3.  Eliminate Wheat, Gluten, Dairy and Soy.  These all cause inflammation.
  4.  Drink plenty of water – it hydrates and helps with water retention.
  5.  Move more – this helps everything to do with PCOS!
  6.  Reduce sugar – we need to keep our blood sugars and insulin under control.
  7.  Eat small, regular meals rather than a few larger meals.
  8.  Focus on protein – helps with cravings and reducing impact on blood sugars.
  9.  Reduce your stress, deal with emotional issues and keep calm.
  10.  SLEEP!

I hope that helps you with the basics!  If you need more help with your PCOS diet and weight loss, get in touch.  Everyone is different, but the approach to heal your body is the same. Your endocrine system is out of whack and that causes problems in your body. Eating different food and moving more will re-balance your system.

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