The Scrambled Egg

My PCOS Journey


I have PCOS, but it doesn’t have me.

I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) a few years ago when I was 32.

I was both devastated and thankful when I found out that I had PCOS and it has been an emotional, challenging and exhausting journey so far.  I spent about 20 years going to the doctors telling them there was something wrong and it wasn’t until, by luck, I finally got a diagnosis when I was 32.  It was great to hear that I wasn’t crazy and that there was actually a reason for the symptoms, how I felt, and why I was not able to get pregnant.  I was totally devastated that the one thing I wanted more than anything, a family, was at risk of not happening.

When I got diagnosed, my weight had escalated and I was a size 16-18.  The doctors told me to lose 5% of my body weight and I would have more chance… They don’t really seem to understand PCOS in my opinion and whilst yes, losing weight helps, it’s not as easy as just losing weight when you have PCOS!  I have, however, now managed to lose about 75lbs (over 5 stone) and am a comfortable size 10.  It can be done ladies!

I’m now on a mission to get in control of my PCOS and I’m hoping that by sharing my journey, it may help you too.  The Scrambled Egg is my PCOS journey – what I’m doing to get in control, things I’m trying, as well as all the challenges and victories along the way.

I really hope it helps you!

The Scrambled Egg xxx